Tuesday, January 13, 2009

U.S. Air Force Special Operations Commemorative Edition

RV-8 serial number 82803, registered as N876ND, is dedicated to my friends Neil and Debra Florio who served in the Air Force in the 1970's. Both Neil and Debra joined the Air Force after graduating from high school. They left their small hometowns in search of adventure. Debra [Herndon] was from Woodhull, Illinois. Neil came from Hudson, New York. They quietly and honorably served their country and fell in love at Mather Air Force Base in California. Neil was a medical corpsman while Debra worked in flight operations. This RV-8 also commemorates the Air Force Special Operations Command based at Hurlburt Field in Florida. The airplane was certified in the experimental catagory and test flown in July of 2009. At the 2009 AirVenture in Oshkosh an Outstanding Workmanship award was presented to David Wilson for this airplane. It's now based in Naples, Florida where it's owned by a Air Force veteran.

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